Inštitút NAPS - Women in charge
Ženy, ktoré rozhodujú

round table on the status of women in today’s society

On Tuesday the 26th February 2008, Matej Bel University was filled with the atmosphere of commitment, persistence and success of several women in charge who met to discuss with diplomats, bishops, academics as well as students the status of women in today’s society.
Round table on this very hot topic was prepared by NAPS in cooperation with the MBU rector’s office as well as under the aegis of the Slovak-Czech Women Fund.

Inspiring discussion hosted by Mrs Andrea Vadkerti, a Member of the Board of Trustees of the Slovak-Czech Women Fund was attended by:

Mrs. Ivetta Macejková,
President of the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic,

Her Imperial Royal Highness
Christiana von Habsburg-Lothringen, Archduchess of Austria,
Member of the Pontifical Council for Newborns in Rome,

Mrs. Elena Kohútiková,
Banker, former Vice-Governor of the National Bank of Slovakia,

Her Magnificence Mrs. Beata Kosová
Rector of Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica.
After the introductory information about the current situation in the women’s status in Slovakia were presented by the Director of the Slovak-Czech Women Fund Viera Klementová all other women joined the discussion and expressed their opinions regarding this issue as well as they mentioned briefly the most significant steps on the way to their success.

President Mrs. Macejková who, since the nineties, has been working in the Slovak judicial system and held a position at a District Court, Regional Court but also the Supreme Court became the first female President of the Constitutional Court in Slovakia.
The fourth top official is used to working in a male environment and claims not to have any problems working with men.

Archduchess Christiana, mother of three children and grandmother of nine grandchildren considers family the primary meaning of her life. Her original occupation is a nurse. After the marriage with Archduke Michael she quit working and her priority was to raise and educate her children in order for them to become independent and good Christians.
Banker Elena Kohútiková, Slovak eurolady, who, for six years, had been working as the first female Vice-Governor of the Slovak National Bank, agreed with the other ladies on the importance of the family and an irreplaceable role a woman plays in it. In a pleasant way she shared parts of her CV with the conference participants and contemplated the optimal number, percentage which would express the right and appropriate ratio between women and men holding decision making positions.
Professor Beata Kosová, the second Professor of Pedagogy in Slovakia and the first female Rector of the University in our country had also changed several academic positions before she was appointed the Rector after defeating three men in the elections. Ever since she was a student Rector Kosová had been working in various youth organisations and enjoys working with people. She is very happy to find herself a good husband and she wishes such luck to all her students.
During the inspirational discussion which went on for more than one hour the participants also talked about the issue of abortions.

Mrs. Kosová said that it was the first time in the history of the University that such event had been organised in cooperation with a student and his civic association. However, Beata Kosová and Peter Solej agreed that the cooperation had been successful and expressed their belief that the event would be a link in the chain of information regarding the status of women and that with their joint effort they will fulfil the event’s idea which was to contribute to the broadening of the knowledge about the gender equality and the status of women in today’s society through the information concerning the work, career and experience of several important women and their discussion with students.
Peter Solej thanked the Rector for the trust and assured her of the NAPS Board’s determination to keep up the good work and thus earn the honour to cooperate with the University in the future.
The round table on the status of women in today’s society was also attended by Their Excellencies Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassadors of Ukraine and Hungary to Slovakia, Mrs. Inna Ohnivets and Mr. Antal Heizer, Polish and Russian diplomats, Archduke and Archduchess von Habsburg-Lothringen, Roman Catholic Bishop of Banská Bystrica Rudolf Baláž, Evangelical Bishop Milan Krivda, Orthodox Archbishop of Prešov and Slovakia Ján, several top academic officials, representatives of the state administration and regional self-governments, Maltese Knights and more than 200 students.
Financial partners of the event were:

OTP Banka Slovensko, a. s.

CENTIRE, s. r. o., Bratislava

Mr. Ivan Saktor, Mayor of town of Banská Bystrica

In start of the reception President NAPS, Peter Solej handed over eight NAPS Awards – Leters of Appreciation and then meeting followed by pleasant, informal discussions.
The Habsburg couple attended the youth mass in Banská Bystrica and a dinner hosted by the Roman Catholic Bishop of Banská Bystrica, His Excellency Monsignor Rudolf Baláž.
Thank-you note of Her Magnificence Mrs. Beata Kosová, Rector of Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica.