1. April 2021

The NAPS Institute congratulates Eduard Heger to be appointed Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic


At the beginning of April 2021, the President of the Slovak Republic appointed a new government of the Slovak Republic under the leadership of the Prime Minister Eduard Heger.

On this occasion, the Director of the NAPS Institute, Peter Solej, sent a letter of congratulation to the Prime Minister, in which he expressed his congratulations on behalf of all members, sympathizers and supporters of the Institute.

„Dear Mr. Prime Minister, you are taking the helm of government in the Slovak Republic in a very challenging period, which is marked by various difficulties from the long-running pandemic. I therefore wish you all the more cordially may the Merciful God, the Lord of Life and Death, bestow on you all the necessary graces, good health, wise decisions and no less important ones – sincere and loyal closest co-workers, says Peter Solej in his letter.

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