7. July 2022

Romanian ambassador couple visited the NAPS Office

29. June 2022

Brazilian Ambassador to Slovakia paid attention to the work of the NAPS Institute

28. June 2022

Monument of Romanian polyglot Gheorghe Sincai was blessed in Slovakian village of Svinica

20. June 2022

Syrian mystic Myrna Nazzour visited Slovakia again

15. May 2022

Prince of Jordan El Hassan bin Talal wishes to NAPS Institute continued success

10. May 2022

Vernissage of an exhibition of photographs “THEY HAVE MET FOR GOD”

10. May 2022

15 years of NAPS International Ecumenical Concerts on TA3

30. March 2022

About the activities of NAPS Institute at the Apostolic Nunciature in Bratislava

20. March 2022

NAPS Institute congratulates the Jordanian Prince El Hassan bin Talal on the occasion of the jubilee

18. March 2022

Hungarian President János Áder appreciates NAPS’s commitment to deepening dialogue between nations

1. March 2022

Another Slovakian shrine with a relic of Blessed Emperor Charles of Austria

10. February 2022

The NAPS Institute expresses its condolences over the death of diplomat Eduard Kukan

27. January 2022


25. January 2022

With Archbishop Cyril Vasiľ on planned activities of NAPS Institute

16. January 2022

NAPS Institute congratulates Mons. Mario Giordana to the rare anniversary of life

6. December 2021

Bartholomew I of Constantinople addressed personal thanks to the NAPS Institute

5. November 2021

NAPS Institute expresses its condolences over the death of Professor Milan Gerka

2. November 2021

NAPS Institute expressed its gratitude to the Apostolic Nuncio in Slovakia

30. October 2021

NAPS representatives with Archbishop of Trnava on the 17th anniversary of NAPS establishment

29. October 2021

30th anniversary of the enthronement of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I

13. October 2021

NAPS officials honored the memory of the President Michal Kováč, honorary member of the NAPS Institute

6. October 2021

Bishop of Žilina, Mons. Tomáš Galis, paid attention to the activities of NAPS Institute

1. October 2021

The members of the NAPS Council wished a new Bishop in historic Nitra a lot of success

10. September 2021

American periodical National Catholic Reporter informed about NAPS ecumenical activities

9. September 2021

NAPS officials honored Holocaust victims in the historical synagogue in Šaštín

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