18. March 2017

NAPS Institute to Express Sincere Condolences over Passing of Czech Cardinal Miloslav Vlk


On the occasion of recently deceased Cardinal, Archbishop Emeritus of Prague, His Eminence Miloslav Vlk, NAPS founder Peter Solej has sent a Letter of Condolence to Cardinal Dominik Duk OP:

„The Most Reverend Eminence, on the occasion of passing Your brother in episcopal service, His Eminence Father Cardinal Miloslav Vlk, let me express, on behalf of all NAPS Board members, our deep and sincere condolences.

I surrender to the will of God, the Lord of life and death who has called in His endless mercy to the Eternity the great son of Czech Nation. I remember my first meeting with the Blessed Memory Cardinal, which I had the honor to experiencecouple years ago. I hope, the message of His spiritual merits and knowledge stays with us, blessed by the Lord, for further growth and development of the Church and generations to come.

The Most Reverend Eminence, let me use the opportunity, to assure you about my deepest respect.“

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