5. June 2019

In the Museum of Jozef Litomiský is also solideo, that Pope Francis donated to the NAPS Institute


Members of the NAPS Institute Council attended the opening and blessing of the Museum of the Father Jozef Litomiský, founder of the Congregation of Brothers Consolers from Gethseman, held on Wednesday, June 5, 2019 in the General House of the Congregation in Marianka.

At the invitation of the Superior General of the Congregation of Brothers, P. Michal Krysztofowicz CCG, and the brothers, the museum was blessed by H. E. Bishop František Rábek, Chairman of the Council of the Conference of Bishops of Slovakia for Science, Education and Culture.

Among the exhibits of the museum is also papal solideo, which the Holy Father Francis gave to the founder of the NAPS Institute during an audience in the Vatican in 2016. Peter Solej gave this precious gift to the General Superior of the Congregation as an article for the new museum.


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