18. March 2022

Hungarian President János Áder appreciates NAPS’s commitment to deepening dialogue between nations


On the occasion of the approaching end of the execution of the office of the Hungarian Head of State by H. E. President János Áder, NAPS Director Peter Solej expressed personal gratitude to the Head of the Foreign Affairs Department, Ambassador László Szöke, for the excellent cooperation with the Office of the President of Hungary.

„… Let me thank you for your commitment to further developing the cooperation between Slovaks and Hungarians. You are known to be a true friend of our country and its close partnership with yours. Under your direction, the work of NAPS Institute has been of great importance to this endeavour, as education, culture and religion are the most important fields where long-lasting and solid ties between nations can be best strengthened.

President Áder also appreciates your dedication to deepening the dialogue between our nations. It is no coincidence that he undertook the patronage of some of the ecumenical concerts organized by NAPS,“ stated Amb. László Szöke in his reply.

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