4. January 2024

President Rudolf Schuster, Honorary Member of NAPS, is celebrating the jubilee of his life


At the beginning of the year 2024, the first directly elected President of the Slovak Republic and Honorary Member of NAPS institute, HE Mr. Rudolf Schuster, lived to see his 90th birthday.

The founder and director of NAPS, Peter Solej, expressed his heartfelt congratulations to the President on this occasion on behalf of the members, collaborators and supporters of the Institute, together with thanks for the long-term favor of the President, especially in fulfilling the international non-commercial activities of NAPS.


Rudolf Schuster was born on January 4, 1934 in Medzev near Košice. The writer, screenwriter and traveler, whose life’s work was recognized with several foreign and domestic awards, honors and honorary doctorates, served the country in several positions as a politician, ambassador, mayor of the city of Košice and president of the country. He received honorary membership in the NAPS Institute in the premises of the National Theater in Košice on September 30, 2012 during the VIII. NAPS of the International Ecumenical Concert.

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